“Training on workplace culture, including on sexual harassment, bias, and inclusive behaviour, tailored to the music industry, should be provided  in the industry.  The training should be custom made for the issues employees and non-employees working for/with each company, studio, festival, or artist actually face.”


Grounded in her PhD research and 25 years experience in the creative industries, Vick offers a comprehensive range of diversity services for organisations, from bespoke research to 2-hour introductory training sessions, data collection advice, facilitating Equality & Diversity Policies to full business mainstreaming strategy work with her Inclusive Culture Creator program (trademark pending).

Client feedback quotes….

Vick is a great equity, diversity and inclusion trainer, keeping sessions interactive and making sure to provide a safe space for all participants. She shares practical advice businesses can apply right away, as well as deeper knowledge and principles that help participants achieve long lasting change. Super friendly and flexible, Vick understands what clients need and helps them take action fast”. Lucie Jacquemet, Project & Network Coordinator, IMPALA

It was great working with Vick, she brought expert guidance to an EDI based project and really helped to kick start it. Furthermore, hearing Vick talk generally about the wider music industry was really informative and eye-opening“.  Nathan Hilton, International Production Music Manager, West One Music Group

Vick’s mentoring was invaluable to us as we built our SheProducer project. She helped us write our gender, diversity and equality policy, bringing fresh insight and ideas at a vital time before we launched. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and support helped us to voice our vision and gave us the confidence to communicate it widely.” Kath Williams, CEO, SheProducer

Vick Bain provided our introductory trainings to the general subject of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion on the work floor. She provided us with a well-rounded overview of all aspects of this subject from the history and the theory, to its place in the law, to concrete action points to do better at EDI as a company and all this in the context of our own industry, the music industry. Vick Bain’s trainings have been a starting point for more future training and an accelerator for the further realization and implementation of EDI policy in our company“. Eline van der Meij, HR department, Armada Music Group (Netherlands)



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