Would you like to do more about gender inclusion in your team?  Would you like to book and sign more women in your music company?  

Envisage your company has the BEST reputation; you have won the most prestigious awards in your genre, everyone wants to work for you, the best musicians want to work with you, your festival has sold out months before the summer….   

I believe the way you will get there is by creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion.

The research shows that greater diversity…

  1. Means more creativity.  Professor Noah Askin of INSEAD and his team published research 2 years ago that revealed women write more creative songs. They analysed 2 million records on the Spotify database from the 1950s up to a couple of years ago, and women were writing more novel, or creative, songs. If you are not signing up or booking women you are not being open to the best creative talent. 
  2. Means happier staff. We don’t want to be working for companies that discriminate or exclude against one particular group or the other.  The music industry thinks of itself as being egalitarian, welcoming, diverse; the statistics show that is not happening yet, let’s make that a reality.  
  3. Can legally protect your company. We are all very aware of the high profile legal cases which are going on in the music industry right now, because of bad behaviour; in fact 66% of those working in music have suffered harassment.  That sort of power imbalance happens when you are not looking at proper inclusion within your organisations. 
  4. Its better financially, more creativity, more talent, happier team; in the music industry this means better financial performance, better ticket sales, better streaming figures, securing the future of your music business. 

So NOW is the right time to benefit through The Music Culture Creator, a modular program designed specially for music businesses.

This innovative six-step program, containing 24 modules, will help you authentically and systematically embed inclusive principles throughout your music company; helping your staff to feel valued and creating greater respect and understanding of each other, improving your company reputation, building financial resilience, and enabling you and your company to focus on more successfully fulfilling your vision.

Depending on your budget companies can benefit from individual modules, one of the six-steps (each containing four modules), or invest in the full in-depth program to help you mainstream an inclusive culture throughtout your music business. 

For further information on participating in the Music Culture Creator program please contact me directly