For all promoters & festival bookers

For those scratching their heads over the fact they don’t know any female artists I have compiled a snapshot of over 300 UK labels in different genres.  All of these labels have signed female* artists on their  rosters and some of these labels will have international artists; as long as they are signed to a UK label I will include them.  I have also created another sheet for self-releasing artists (UK only)  and finally, there is also a sheet for songwriters and composers signed to UK publishers. 

Please go to this link here where you will find thousands of  solo artists and groups with at least one female member; 

There is also a searchable Power-Bi option here;  


Disclaimer  - this is absolutely NOT a definitive list; it is compiled from notes I  made in my research last year and rosters may have changed by now.   If you know of any changes or if you know of a great  label with female artists on it and I haven’t listed it…do let me know and I will  do a regular update, so it becomes a growing resource. 

NB - I  have also removed duplicates so if you are expecting to see a particular  artist with a certain label and she’s not there she may very well be  with another label.

NNB - if you feel your particular genre is not covered, please email me for further discussion!

* by female I mean cis female, transfemale or are living solely as a female